Love, Life and Insecurity

This experience actually happened to your sister girl (that's me) during the period of time when she was still in the dating game. 
 A friend looked at me laughing, making a statement stating clearly these disturbing words about my significant other, he said "you are going to bully him". At that moment i was wondering what was so amusing but anyways...

Review of the book: AT THE RIVER BANK by Milton Tutu.

Honestly when i got this book i did not think it to come out the way it did, anyway i would leave that pleasure for you to discover.
"At the river bank" tells the story of a young man who due to challenges at home found himself at a river bank contemplating his suicide.

Something happened that day that made him change his resolve to become determined to succeed. I will leave you to find out what this is by making a purchase of this amazing book.
I for one have gotten it and i have learnt a lot from it; Your determination to

What makes the world go round?

In this generation of people we should learn to love one another recognize that the foundation is love,
Giving and loving is the essence of living.

The Horns Of Joshua.

Hey guys its here another concept brought to you by Sax World Music

Its Themed:

The Horns Of Joshua 

its main artist is a person i call the  boy with the pink saxophone.

 Trust me it promises to be spirit filling, interesting, with presentations from various artists such as David, Saxothe, Femi Okunuga, Iwaloba, MC Coded and many more.

Date: Sunday23RD July 2017

Time: 2PM. 

Venue: RCCG possibility parish 39 Ona Ara, Morebishe, Ayobo Lagos.

Host Pastor: Pastor K.P Gbaja.

My A-Z Story Of Abuse.

My A-Z Story.
A story of Alero is told tonight BrotherJamesputs his hands between her thighs. Calling out mama she fought for her life
Deaf she suddenly had become. 

Pretty in pink (Masculinity is a cage).

Dear Ugo,
Kedu ka isiemetaa?, I hope it is not too cold down there, sorry o! tomorrow I will remember to bring a blanket along with me. I am writing you this letter to say I am sorry. I have wronged you greatly and for this reason I have come to tender all my sorry's today.Sometimes I try to picture you as you were, but lately this seems more and more difficult to do


Hey guys so I have something for you today, issa partyyyyyy. Introducing one of the hottest parties to hold this summer brought to your feet by BREEZY NATION is

Guys regular ➖2K        VIP:➖4K
Girls regular ➖FREE     VIP➖1K
VENUE : Club Royale Ikeja
DATE: Friday 21st July
TIME : 1pm (trust me I am going to see what an afternoon club experience looks like)